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Wonderful place!!   Eye Care Services Mesa, AZ - EyeMagination


So after struggling to get my daughter to keep her glasses on and countless trips to other eyeglass shops her eye doctor told me about EyeMagination and what a wonderful blessing it was!!! The level of care that these employees show is unmatched! I am amazed at how honest and helpful everyone I have encountered at EyeMagination has been! My daughter has a ton of things that bother her sensory wise and Maureen and Stephen allowed us to mosey around the store until my toddler got all of her complaints out about the glasses and then they shaped and molded and polished the glasses until my daughter didn't have a complaint left in her! Every other place has blown us off with a "she will get used to them" thank you Maureen and Stephen for taking the time to make us feel special! My daughter wakes up in the mornings actually asking for her glasses because she knows they were made special for her :-) thank you for all of your help, Gods spirit shines through in people like you!


- Thughes8922 (MerchantCircle)



My favorite store!   Eye Care Services Mesa, AZ - EyeMagination  


I have been coming to EyeMagination in Mesa for over 5 years. Maureen, the owner, is almost always there. She and her assistant, Stephen, are the best I have encountered at helping their customers figure out what really looks best on them from lens shape to frame color and style. I don't intend to shop anywhere else for glasses. I look forward to seeing them when I come in! Maureen also carries some wonderful gifts - Brighton and other terrific jewelry. It's a great place to shop and an extremely helpful place for eye glasses!


- madmosaic (MerchantCircle)



Great with children   Eye Care Services Mesa, AZ - EyeMagination


I took my daughter from a recommendation from her doctor but no after first trying the place I got my glasses. After all they had children's glasses and accepted my insurance. After a year of going in for weekly adjustments and still having to fight with her to keep her glasses on and actually look through the lenses. I took her doctor's advice and came here. She took one look at the selection which was bigger than the 10-15 she had before she was sold. The store was busy so when it was our turn they had her try on several pairs and we found the perfect pair of glasses. She has had this pair for about a year and still loves them. We have had the glasses adjust 3 times in a year and I have a hard time even getting them off for showers. I am sold not only on the customer service but the selection and knowledge of the two associates at the store. I will continue to bring her back to get her glasses.


- Sissyd (MerchantCircle)



Great gift ideas!!!!   Eye Care Services Mesa, AZ - EyeMagination


Awesome gift ideas!!!! So much to choose from and the people there are soooooo nice!!! Looking for something for a gift, for yourself or need to go anyplace else. Their jewelry is AWESOME and so much to choose from! You have to visit this business!


- Beckslocks (MerchantCircle)



Best experience ever   Eye Care Services Mesa, AZ - EyeMagination


I've never had such a good experience buying glasses before. I feel like I was in the hands of an expert and finally have the right glasses for me. I am a loyal customer from now on thanks to Maureen.


- Carole (MerchantCircle)



SERVICE AT ITS BEST   Eye Care Services Mesa, AZ - EyeMagination


I am amazed at the positive experience I had at EyeMagination. I like BLING so I purchased frames with lots of crystals. A few of the crystals fell out over time and they replaced the frames at no cost to me. So often you hear negative reviews and not positive. I feel I needed to take the time to share my positive experience.


- Kaye McArdle (MerchantCircle)



Great with kids   Eye Care Services Mesa, AZ - EyeMagination


This was the 4th place I had tried and I am thrilled with the friendly and helpful staff. Will be using them for the entire family.


- Kathy (MerchantCircle)



Very friendly and knowledgeable   Eye Care Services Mesa, AZ - EyeMagination


My son's pediatrician recommended this store to us. We stopped by on a late Saturday morning and my son had fallen asleep in his car seat. My husband stayed out in the car and I went in to ask some questions about sunglasses for the baby. They said no problem and came out to the car and measured him right there so I didn't have to wake him up. I really appreciate that level of service. The two employees that were there that morning were so friendly and helpful. Any sunglasses or eyeglasses I purchase for myself or my family will come from them. I recommend them to anyone.


- Michelle (MerchantCircle)



Best place to shop for eyeglasses   Eye Care Services Mesa, AZ - EyeMagination


I can't believe there are no reviews for this wonderful shop!  EyeMagination is the best place to shop for eyeglasses EVER!!!!  I have been a customer of Maureen's since I moved to Phoenix 20 years ago.  I feel like a kid in a candy store whenever I walk in the door.  The selection of eyewear, along with the expert advice of Maureen and her handsome assistant Stephen is enough to bring me back to this store for the rest of my life. This is not a shopping mall eyeglass store. The glasses here are exceptional and of the highest quality.  Trust me, you will not walk out the door with average glasses, you will walk out with a piece of art to compliment your face and personality.  I highly recommend this top-notch establishment! *****


- Joni L. (Yelp)




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